The fish who changes its gender for reproduction! (The Wonderful Orange Clown-Fish)

No doubt one of the most wonderful animals on earth and in the oceans of course , are the "orange clown fish". No joke, they simply change their gender! The males become female and eventually dies! It's a real regular occurrence that these species are showing and not just a  rarely or a occasional incident!

The story is all about reproduction of course! These fishes live in small groups and they just stay together most of the times. They live in warm waters and they have sex, mate and reproduce all year long. 

Each group of fish consists of a breeding pair and 0–4 non-breeders. Within each group there is a size-based hierarchy: the female is largest, the breeding male is second largest, and the male non-breeders get progressively smaller as the hierarchy descends. They exhibit protandry, meaning each fish is born male, but will only change to female if the sole breeding female dies. If the female dies, the breeding male changes sex, becomes the breeding female and the largest non-breeder becomes the breeding male. It's a cycle, a never ending story! 

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